Dec 21
First New Album in 18 Years: "Birth Pangs"
Featuring the New Single "WHITEWASHED LOVE"  |  All four original members  |  18 Songs - 1 hour 33 minutes of music. “THIS IS ONE OF BC’S MOST POWERFUL AND IMPORTANT PERFORMANCES EVER!  'BIRTH PANGS' EXCELS BARREN CROSS TO NEW HEIGHTS- THIS ALBUM IS MORE THAN EXCITING, IT'S BARREN CROSS AT THEIR FINEST, A SHINING MOMENT FOR THEM!” “BIRTH PANGS IS NOT ‘JUST ANOTHER ALBUM’; IT’S FANTASTIC!” | Barren Cross lead singer/composer, and original founding member, Michael Drive (Lee) says:  “I personally, have never been as excited over an album in it’s performance as I am with Birth Pangs. I would like for EVERY Barren Cross fan to own this, they must hear it; I feel stronger about this concerning Birth Pangs than any other album we have ever released!” Recorded at Elements Of Rock, Switzerland  |  Mixing; Mastering; All Artwork And Graphic Design: Michael Drive (Lee)
Oct 31
The 2013 All Original BARREN CROSS ! ...BC IS BACK !
Barren Cross is now, officially back !   All original members:  Michael Drive (Lee) - Lead Vocals, Guitars  |  Jim LaVerde - Bass, Keyboard Pedals, Backing Vocals  |  Ray Parris - Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals  |  Steve Whitaker - Drums, Backing Vocals.
Oct 14
"Rattle Your Cage" Album Re-Mastered and Re-Released.
"Rattle Your Cage" - BC's most mature and well done studio album. it is Barren Cross' last studio release, a fantastic album with the original members!  It contains new cover artwork and full audio Re-Mastering by Michael Drive (Lee).  Some say this as Barren Cross' BEST studio album.
Oct 01
"Rock For The King" - Special Edition Re-Release - 2013 Re-Master of Original Mix
"Rock For The King" - Barren Cross' GEM of a debut album is the album that (officially) started it all! After making their EP called "Believe" and very quickly selling 4000 copies of it in 1985; the band got signed, recorded 3 more songs, and released "Rock For The King" in 1986.  It is their first official full length release.
Sep 01
Never Before Released Early BC Demos - Heard For The First Time.
These are Barren Cross' very first known recordings as a young band; and the songs would already show how great of a band 'BC' would become.  These gems have been completely restored and re-mastered.
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